Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clinic Day in an Amazon River Village

View from village hall, now serving as a clinic for today. Typical thatched roof home across the village green in the background.

"Yesterday we went up the Amazon River to a village called Canaan. Going up the river means going south. Today we will be going north, or as they say 'down the river. ' It took us a 2 hour boat ride from Iquitos to Canaan. Once we arrived at the village we had to hike in a short distance. At Canaan we saw 201 patients. We have three doctors and seven nurses on our team. Many meds were given out to most patients, a lot of antibiotics and vitamins, shampoo, nail clippers, toys, and eye glasses.

I went in one of the homes. Pretty primitive to say the least. The cook stove was located on the side of the porch. It consisted of bricks stacked about 4 high on two sides. Then a couple of pieces of rebar laid across the bricks....not exactly temperature controlled. They hang their laundry on fences after they have washed them in a creek. They take a bath in the Amazon river which is the color of chocolate milk. Some of the kids had shoes, but most of them walk around bare footed.

We have a couple of translators with us. Hand gestures still work fairly well. The kids gather around in masses because we hand out toys. However, they will look at you and not take things until you nod your head. The temperature is sweltering to say the least. You all need to appreciate how good you have it!!! Have a great day, gotta go off to the jungle again today.

Sam & Carol Miller

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Renee said...

Thanks for your blog. I am going with the Parker team in June. How are you getting internet access?! Renee Blattman